Monday, July 14, 2014

The Cornfield and The SL Project Experience Tools

Visit The Cornfield here:

"The Cornfield is a fun interactive horror experience, where you can win some amazing prizes if you're willing to take a risk."

(Addendum: First of all I did this entire post then started looking at blogs for the night and noticed that of course New World Notes had already covered this .. and they always cover things well, so hop on over there for a great review of not only The Cornfield but the experience keys/this new capability in SL and the viewer that works with it..see here:
The Cornfield

I visited The Cornfield, gathered corn, coins, killed zombies, griefers, giants blob-like things, ran around in the dark in the corn field with a bunch of other avatars and all I got was this t-shirt.. and necklace.. and well I have corn bucks to spare but figured I'd save them for another day.  It might be fun to earn enough corn bucks to buy armour, better weapons, and some of the many cool prizes they have.  But I think it's great I did get this commemorative tshirt and necklace that I'll wear when I play more now.  Others were getting much more.. ~sigh~ I'll always be a permanoob, but at least I had fun!
The Cornfield

Ok, first in order to play this game in SL you have to be on this new viewer, it's found here:

..and since I'm used to Firestorm even initial navigation of the UI threw me off a little so when I started to play the game where you run into the corn field and gather corn and bucks and cash them in, I went quite a while repeatedly getting killed by griefers until I finally calmed down a little and figured out how to play smarter. 

The initial note card tells you, but I finally learned the safe places you can sit on are very helpful.  I also cammed up and out to see where someone had been killed leaving a big pile of corn for the taking all close together, and finally I also learned to cheat.. by jumping a side fence and also hopping with page up.  Fly override doesn't work though at all, ok yes, so what, I tried.  I wasn't the only one trying stuff.  The cheating didn't help much but I think it helped a little.

(Yes, I spent a great deal of time being sent to the cemetery as seen below, but I was in good company)

The Cornfield
The Cornfield Cemetary

(Note the big blob thing to the right of the screen with eyes.. stay away from that!)

The griefers come in the form of zombies, black devil dog/monkey looking things, some blobby things and a HUGE blob as seen in the photo. You can kill them.. well at least all but the huge blob.. not sure about that or at least not with my entry level machete.  The problem is they can be super fast.

Initially when I went and saw it was a game I felt a little disappointed as I was hoping for a great explore, and when it was initially hard for me my lack of instant gratification almost had me quitting, but soon I caught on how to work it a little better and then OMG.. GAME ON!  It was a bit addicting even really.   So yes, in the end I'd recommend you give it a try if you are willing to check out the new viewer.  And the viewer actually was pretty easy and I was catching on quick as it's not much different and when playing you don't realize so much that you are having to learn and adjust things a bit.  I even took photos, so hey, it works. 

(I guess Kona Linden was manning the fort as Kona was around most the time, so I took a pic of course!)
In some Halloweens past LL has had a cornfield in SL to explore, but not sure I've seen it for a couple years.  Now they have this.  Here is a little of the backstory...." The Cornfield:For many years, the Cornfield was a region of mythological status, where once naughty avatars were sent to think about what they had done. Rumor had it that "The Cornfield" was a vast star-lit field of corn and was cut off from communication with the rest of the world. Over the years, rumors spread across the grid of this infamous region that everyone at one time had heard about, but hardly anyone had ever seen. It was thought to be nothing but a tale...that is until now... " and then it takes us to present day, but I won't spoil that fun for you and tell you all about it, just go and try it out.

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