Saturday, July 19, 2014

Relay For Life --Big Relay Weekend!

Ok.. the big track and builds and RFL Relay Weekend is in full swing .. so you can walk or jog around and see it all.. this is always a fun culmination of the fund raising events.  Check it out here:

Official site with schedule of events and all the details:

I always enjoy seeing the builds alongside the trackway, the ongoing entertainment, the little luminaries that line the path (yes I always get a few and list the names of loved ones who have or had cancer or just leave a few blank in support of the cause) and get caught up in the spirit and camaraderie of the many people who attend and cheer on the runners or just hang out having fun with the RFL teams.  The is a great cause so go visit in support, give a little if you can, and just WOW to see all the amazing builds!  It's like a great explore area too if you like that.. don't miss out. I loved that a part of the lap was even under water for a little bit.  I also really enjoyed some of the camp members standing alongside the path in their build areas waving and cheering on the runners with flags, banners, huge kites, etc and calling out the names of the runners and things... very fun.  The whole area is shaped like a big 10 if you check the map.. just type in RFL if you are not on the sims and you can see the 10 for the 10th anniversary of RFL in SL.  There is still a lot going on, so check out the schedule and don't miss out.

rfl_006 Here is a bit of the remainder of the schedule of events and info. directly from the web site, but please have a look as there is so much more of interest.

Today... some of what is left.....
"7:00 PM Bald is Beautiful
8:00 PM Purple!
9:00 PM Luminaria Ceremony – REMEMBER
10:00 PM Most Colorful
11:00 PM 10th Anniversary ~ ONE TEAM
Sunday, July 20, 2014 
1:00 AM Hoppy Ball Bounce with Us
2:00 AM Sixties
3:00 AM Beach Party
4:00 AM Kids and Children
5:00 AM Heroes Everyday and Super
7:00 AM International Lap
8:00 AM Coffee and Donuts – Breakfast Time!
9:00 AM Formal Hour
10:00 AM Closing Ceremonies
11:00 AM Victory Lap! – Walk the track and meet the Relay Committee. Celebrate YOUR Relay!
12:30 PM RAFFLE Draws!
2:00 PM Enjoy Walking the Track and Visiting the Builds

the Activities

As you land on the Event Day sims this year, you will see a Welcome Center staffed by volunteer greeters who are there to direct traffic, answer questions and distribute the 2014 Relay For Life Visitors Guide.
Here’s some of the activities you can expect to see at Relay weekend this year, on the 4 Activity Regions and the Water Region.. Raffle For Relay, Silent Auction, Art Show and Auction, Live Music, DJs Music and Dancing, Snail Races, Ceremonies Stage, Team Market Place and Gotya Fair, RFL of SL Museum, Sailing For Relay, Several Productions including a MerDance group, a tribute band, and possibly more!
rfl_007rfl_008rfl_004 Around the track you’ll see a constant amazing display of some of SL’s greatest talent.. the Relay For Life Team campsites. Our Relay teams have all come together to each build their own display at the side of the track and welcome you to stop in and visit. They’ve worked hard all season and are thrilled to receive guests at their site. Also alongside the track are fabulous builds constructed for our enjoyment by some of SL’s top builders. It is with honor we thank the following builders for the generous donation of their talent and time for us all to enjoy..."

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