Monday, July 7, 2014

I've Never.......

I ran across a very old blog where the blogger listed a number of common SL experiences they had never done.  I thought it might be fun to make my own list, for myself and whoever might be interested.  Then down the road some time I might check back and see if I can check anything more off my list.  I do get around and like to try things in SL, but it's hard to do it all or even want to, and for some things "There is a season".. as the song goes.  I should do a "I have" list some time.  When I was looking at their list I was checking the items off pretty regularly saying to myself, been there, done that, done that, etc.  Anyway,, here are a few of my I've nevers........

I've never...

1. made a script in SL

2. been married in SL

3. DJ'd in SL

4. played Tiny Empires (although I've always intended to try it and never got around to it.. is it even still going?)

5. been a stripper or escort in SL

6. attended an inventory organization party in SL (God forbid, but actually I need to)

7. been bitten by a vampire

8. lied about my age or gender

9. met someone in RL that I've known in SL other than RL relatives (but this will change the end of this year)

10. handmade anything substantial for sale in SL

11. been pregnant in SL or had a baby (faked it with sliders a couple of times for fun and yeah have a prim freebie prop baby in inventory-although I've always been very interested in those Zooby babies.

12. attended a formal "dining" experience where you are served a meal or whatever. I cant imagine.

13. purposefully posed for a full frontal nude SL photo for anyone and posted on Flickr or my blog

14. sang or done comedy in SL or anything voice-like on a stream (I've done plenty in local voice or Skype)

15. played any non-human type avatar for any period of time (other than for a photo or very brief trial)

16. been in modeling academy

17. ..... to be continued.


  1. I'd have to disagree with you about #14 :-D

  2. LOL I said.. on a stream : ) .. not inworld chat voice HA!

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