Saturday, March 8, 2014

Relay For Life Kickoff Weekend

Relay For Life Kickoff here:  Today is the Relay for Life kickoff day/weekened and there are tons of events, products, info. all around SL.  This area has multiple sim/landing areas, but this is a good spot to drop in for the kickoff day.  Check out their well made site for schedule and a great deal of info. :  Everyone seems to be blogging about it, so I won't say much here, just visit the sim and the official site for events if you like.  Great cause and some SL fun. 
RFL by Kara 2

Addendum...I just started a new team, so if you want to be supportive please consider our kiosk! It's located here: Let me know if you want to be part of our team.

Addendum #2: 118 people on the 4 sim RLF kickoff area right now.  Woot!

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