Monday, March 24, 2014

Your Breath Was Shed-Closes Friday at LEA10

Visit Here: See the video at the bottom of this post.

Hurry over to LEA 10 before it closes the end of this week.  Giovanna Cerise's notecard says:
"For the project " Your breath was shed" created by Mimesis Monday/ Heidi Dahlsveen, for LEA, I realized 4 artworks.
- Suffocation
- Energy
- The game of life
- Delirium
“The life pass from the first crying to the last breath”.
The man enters in the game of life through the first breath. This is always connected intrinsically to the emotional word. The breath of life allow us to live and when it is held, our emotions are imprisoned too.
It is suggested to activate the sound and to deactivate the streaming.
It is suggested to use region Windlight and set up  graphic preferences on advanced Lighting model and shadows Sun/moon
Opening Sunday 9th of march @ LEA 10
The exhibition will be open until 28 March"sic

Mimesis' note states: "- The title of this installation is from a poem by Dylan Thomas - the title of the poem is the same.
I have modified items from the following creators:
- Trees by Soror Nishi (some of them, others are like she has created)
- In the "big TV" horses by Alpha Tribe
- "Pregnant trees" are based on a shape made by Capcat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur.
Click around there are animations here and there. There are also gifts around, please take, but remember some you might figure out ^^^.
Enable sound, except for performances. Some of the performances have streamed music others will be in voice.
Parts of installation looks best with shadow enabled.
Have a max time.
Mimesis Monday."

I happened to hit the opening event and the exhibit was a good explore but SaveMe Oh was also on hand collaborating with the team of Giovanna, Mimesis/Heidi with a performance art experience.  Attendees had the opportunity to continuously change "outfits" that were provided for free and we danced and animated using the also free animations they provided with the outfits, in the matching temporary environment SaveMe Oh provided, changing scenes as the group changed clothes.  They even had dressing rooms set up but eventually due to the number of attendees and outfit changes most of us figured out we could safely change in public as long as were careful and kept our undies on.  We became "One With The Art".  I flipped on my camera... of course. 

Additional information about the exhibit and upcoming events and future exhibit: "
”Your breath was shed” - An artist and a blogger was invited to express themselves through the theme ”Breath”.
Fjara is an uncompromising blogger with her own honest expression that simultaneously conveys the mystique of being an avatar and human. For this project, she was asked to create a place as a contrast to the conceptual expression of the artist. Read more here.
Giovanna Cerise is now an established artist in SL. She creates a blend of space, expression and sound in her art. In her artistic expression in this project you can stand in the middle and be the observant of a story that unfolds around you. Remember to enable sound in her installations. More about Giovanna here:
Mimesis Monday/Heidi Dahlsveen is the curator and in this project an artistic modifier.

2. pm SLT – ”Wear to move” this is an invitation to enter an instant artistic creative collaboration. This is a performance where you can become the protagonist if you want. The performance artist Saveme Oh creates unique moments of moves and scenes for us to enter.
Saveme Oh is an well known performance artist in SL. Through her presence we are emperors without clothes. Her witty sharpness transforms simple "IM's" into dramatic texts published on her blog. In this way, she makes sure that  the virtual art continues to evolve. Read more here:
Later programme in LEA 10   
16th of march – Telling of creation myth   
27th of march – Storytelling workshop – pilot   
28th of march ”Your breath was shed” closing
April – theme – Silence - new art installation by Selavy Oh
May – theme – Persona – new art installation by Alpha Auer"

And the poem: "
“Poem (Your breath was shed)” by Dylan Thomas
Your breath was shed
Invisible to make
About the soiled undead
Night for my sake,
A raining trail
Intangible to them
With biter’s tooth and tail
And cobweb drum,
A dark as deep
My love as a round wave
To hide the wolves of sleep
And mask the grave."

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