Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend Explores: Insanity at MetaLES, Venice, and Isla Okiddo

Some fun explores for the weekend!
MetaLESMetaLES by Kara 2

MetaLES by Kara 2
MetaLES by Kara 2Cherry Manga has filled MetaLES with her exhibit called "Insanity".  I didn't find a note card but it's like a strange world filled with heads, and eyes, and ladies bursting from the ground, parachuting from the sky, and faces bulging here and there  amidst other things.  All the while things are moving and eery sounds are playing.  A huge woman figure splayed across a ridge is called "Grab me insanity" and another erupting from the base level that has some huge long dollop of a projection from it's mouth along with sort of smaller growth-like heads coming out various parts of it is called "Insanity Shout".  There are distorted "Faces of Madness" oozing up from the ground and various other oddities that are interesting to wander around.  It's all on a large scale so that it's very immersive. While there I ran into fellow bloggers, Ziki and Divi.  Enjoy some interesting seating while looking around at a variety of strange ... well.. er... sort of  insanity. 
MetaLES with Divi and Ziki by Kara 2
MetaLES by Kara 2
MetaLES by Kara 2
Venice by Kara 2Venice by Kara 2Venice by Kara 2Venice by Kara 2Venice by Kara 2Venice at PRADA Venezia Showcase City which appears to be owned by Yumix Writer boasts, Italia Italy Milano Torino Firenze Roma Napoli Toscana Gondola Ballroom Carnival Masks Jazz Bar Irish Pub Movie Cinema Culture Lombardia.  Quite frankly it's a fantastic display making for great photos, dates, site seeing, shopping and more.  You can ride the vaporetto or gondolas through the waterways, sit and have a bite to eat and enjoy this well made sim.  I used the location lighting for all but one of these photos.

Venice by Kara 2
Visit here:
Isla Okiddo by Liara Okiddo is "An unusual art expo at an exotic location." The island is immersive and lush, the art a tribute to Second Life photography. One side is a lush exotic relaxing beach area and the other side is an amazing colorful domed area filled with art in a unique environment.
Okiddo by Kara 2Okiddo by Kara 2

Okiddo by Kara 2
Okiddo by Kara 2
(Side personal note, I have people in the pics for public interest and perspective at times.  I'm not trying to make art of someone eles' art, just saying. Also, for the record people didn't land in the ocean, they landed in a mermaid aquarium that is part of the beauty of the sim to explore with a sign and direct teleport to the gallery RIGHT at that landing spot.  Again, just saying.  Love ya!  )

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