Saturday, March 8, 2014

LEA27: The Void

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The Void by Kara 2
The Void at LEA27 is by Storm Septimus

I headed off exploring to LEA27 and was in for an interesting surprise with Storm's "The Void".  Once again the suggested windlight is pretty dark which while that makes it harder for me to see, explore, and take photos, I'm sorta digging it.  It seems more and more immersive artists are making dark builds (see Bryn Oh).  The darkness and the really scary music this sim offers adds to the already Ominous ambiance.

In Storms profile it's summed up pretty well: "A walk through the Darkness...
Minimal Sim designed and built by Storm Septimus, open till July on LEA27.
            Dedicated to the sleepless.   
           ღ I did my part , now its all yours..
                               and thank you! 
              to those who don't need naming ღ "
The Void by Kara 2

The Void by Kara 2The Void by Kara 2There is actually a good note at the landing that explains about the exhibit, suggested windlight, helpful hints etc.  My main suggestion is to be sure to click around and be sure you make it to the ground level and even under water.  I took a friend who thought they had finished when they were still in the main landing area.  Follow the glowing cables and click on things to pose and teleport.  There are a lot of hearts and keys.  I cheated and bumped up my lights for most of these pictures as you can't see very far ahead of you in the intended lighting, but do use the suggested lights as it's very fun that way.  The note states it's original intent is to simulate that in- between sleep and waking state of an exhausted person who has trouble sleeping, but the creator would like for each to take away from it what one feels or experiences about it individually.  There are informative signs along the way. Enjoy.  It's weirdly cool.         
The Void by Kara 2

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