Saturday, October 19, 2013

Technochory Opens Sunday October 20th at The Station

Technochory by Bryn Oh & Sina Souza by Kara Trapdoor

Location: The Station Skywalk
The Skywalk Art Exhibit Area, The Station (148, 197, 1027)
2nd LM in case of congestion:

Technochory is an art installation by Bryn Oh and Sina Souza
at The Station Skywalk Gallery

*Grand Opening Party*
October 20th 10 am to noon SLT
Suggested attire: Come as you are
Entertainment by Miri's DJ's in the club

Technochory is a collaborative exhibit by Bryn and Sina located in The Station Skywalk Gallery based on the concept of seed dispersal similar to Myrmecochory which is the dispersion of seeds by ants.  The difference being a future where the plant is a fragile resource with humans as its caretakers.  The exhibit will run from October 20 through Dec. 1 2013. 
Bryn Sina by Kara 2
Bryn oh, a well known and loved first life artist and SL artist, is best known in SL for many creative art installations in Immersiva as well as exhibits around the grid and is a supporter of the arts. Sina Souza's most recent creative exhibit was "The Reflections of My Mind" at  Nitroglobus Gallery just last month and has contributed to The Festival of Love opening this week.  More artist information available at Technochory. 
Technochory by Kara 2

The Station by Kara 2
the station hunt.jpg by Kara 2Please join us at The Station Skywalk Gallery located in the new steampunk themed sim built by Enigmatic Deir, (sim managers Staryie Furio and Sonrisa Seminario) and featured in the October 2013 BOSL magazine.   The sim's brilliantly executed steampunk theme is home to The Floating City that primarily consists of Miri's Rock Club at The Station, The haunted fun house, The New Orpheum Theater (can be booked for free!), The Rube-Goldberge Slingshot ride, A Floating Train Ride System, 3 person zeppelins, Zeppelin docs, and various other fun places to find.  The Dead City is home to Chev's Attic open mic club, The Old Orpheum Theater, The Dead City Hotel and Casino, an underground aquarium dance floor, the human cannonball ride that opens into a steampunk bird glider, Dead City Trolleys, underwater diving area, Greedy gaming hall, balloons (some with special places for relaxing, etc. with friends or couples), rooms and shops, some cool freebies such as scuba gear to be found, and plenty of other places and things to see and explore. There is currently a sim-wide hunt going on and a super fun ride through a fun house just in time for Halloween, so enjoy the fun!
The Fun House at The Station by Kara 2(fun house)
Magic E by Kara 2(dancing in the club with sim owner/builder Enigmatic Deir above and flying around touring the dead city on the ground below)
The Station by Kara 2


  1. Great shots, Kara :) A real treat of an exhibit ..

  2. Thank you Argus and for all your support!