Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Explore Second Life: Serena Long Cay, Vespertine, and Hunter Valley

Franz Markstein invited me over to his sim, Serena Long Cay, to check out his sim, which reminded me it's time to blog a few more good sim explores, so here goes... and happy exploring.

Visit here:
"Otium is the ideal place to relax on a beautiful and peaceful beach.
Photo, Photografy, pictures, blog, flickr, blogger, relaxing, chillout, art, nature, art exhibition, lounge, music, cuddles, friends, games"sic  I found this sim by Franz to be a very beautiful and relaxing place to hang out with plenty of seating for friends to enjoy the view. I even ran into Daniel Voyager there, so that was cool. We were both in Halloween costume so a pic of us would prove nothing : )  
serena long cay collage.jpg by Kara 2

serena long cay_016 by Kara 2

serena long cay_002 by Kara 2serena long cay_013 by Kara 2
serena long cay_009 by Kara 2

Visit Vespertine here:
Vespertine at Pure Dreams is a very colorful fall sim home to Vespertine home and deco store. Great for relaxing, photography, or shopping! Sim and store owned by Amelie Knelstrom.

Vespertine by Kara Trapdoor

Vespertine by Kara Trapdoor

Visit Hunter Valley here:

Cool role play sim with lots of interesting scenery and great poses and animations. Sim by Rumour Ghost and Alexander Mudbuddah.  This sim officially opens Nov. 1, but it appears ready and the signs say feel free to explore.  Just be sure to use a OOC tag if not role playing.  "Dark ADULT medieval fantasy. Freeform, low magic. Nudity and role play of a sexual nature on sim and in local chat. You are warned.  Lycan, beast, human, dryad faes, wood elves, fauns, saytrs, hunters, gypsies, merchants.
***NO FURRIES, NO CHILD AVATARS.*** No dragons. No High Elves, No particle effects. No collars. No bright ball gowns. No high heels (we're not a fashion show). No demons. No magical talking animals. Keep it realistic and in theme. Low end mythology not high end fantasy."

Hunter Valley by Kara 2

Hunter Valley by Kara 2

Hunter Valley by Kara 2

Untitled by Kara 2

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