Tuesday, October 8, 2013

In Loving Memory of Chev, RIP---Join Friends at The Attic 10-18-13 at 1pm SLT

 station attic chev and jax.jpg by Kara 2

station attic chev and jax.jpg, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.
(Most recent photo of club owners DJ Jax and Chev)

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Station/128/128/4

Most of my friends know I've been spending a lot of time lately in an amazing new sim, "The Station".  I've been getting to know all the regulars who have worked on various things around the sim from clubs to stores, to management, and of course the builder, Enigmantic Deir.  But this post is about one of the very sweet regulars who was around from the inception of the sim, and was actually present when the first prim was laid: Co-owner of The Attic, open mic club, and DJ, and 7 year SL resident,  Chevel Arrow, known to most as Chev and recently as Chev Wildwood, as she had reconnected and partnered with Seth Wildwood.    

I did not know Chev for long but what I did know of her impressed me as a very sweet person and everyone I've talked to says the same.  Apparently she was a genuine sweety according to all.  She also shared a flower shop on the sim with Kim.   Sadly Chev passed away RL October 4th, 2013 which came as a shock to all.  Her SL profile  has been adjusted to now read, "You will forever be remembered by those whose souls you touched. Rest in Peace, Grandma. And smile when you see Great Grandpa Hobert. I know you missed him so much.
 ♥ October 4th, 2013 ♥"

The Station staff changed the name of the "The Attic" to "Chev's Attic", in memory of her.  10-18-13 at 1pm SLT one of Chev's favorite live musician's, Yip Jannings, will perform at Chev's Attic. I'm sure it will be a bitter sweet time, but hopefully one everyone can enjoy for what it's intended, remembering Chev, and enjoying  good tunes, good times, and good fun----which happens to be the sim theme. 

Chev by Kara 2

(above pick: One of the sim managers, Son, made this memorial wreath and Enig changed the Attic name to Chev's attic in her memory.) 

Come on out 10-18-13 at 1pm to hear one of Chev's long time favorite SL musicians, Yip Jannings.  Explore this impressive sim and be sure to ride up to the floating city and Miri's club and find all kinds of hidden places to enjoy.  Much more info. about this amazing sim to follow on this blog, as a very special art exhibit is under construction with opening party to be announced soon, a hunt begins the 15th and there is always much to see and happening around the sim. Unfortunately I will be working RL at the time of this event, but I'm sure it will be a lot of fun and also a good time to remember a special and sweet person, Chev. 

A bit more info. on the sim: The sim's brilliantly executed steampunk theme thus far is home to The Floating City that primarily consists of Miri's Rock Club at The Station, The haunted fun house, The New Orpheum Theater (can be booked for free!), The Rube-Goldberge Slingshot ride, A Floating Train Ride System, 3 person zeppelins, Zeppelin docs, and various other fun places to find.  The Dead City is home to The Attic Club which is in The Attic Hotel, The Old Orpheum Theater, The Dead City Hotel and Casino, an underground aquarium dance floor, the human cannonball ride that opens into a steampunk bird glider, Dead City Trolleys, underwater diving area, Greedy gaming hall, balloons (some with special places for relaxing with friends or couples), rooms and shops, some cool freebies such as scuba gear to be found underwater, and plenty of other things to see and explore. I personally love all the hidden areas.  Check it out any time.
Chev by Kara 2
                                                                       (PIc I took of Chev a couple of weeks ago)

Update.. event rescheduled for 10-18-13


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