Sunday, October 13, 2013

Real Life First Reminder

Check this out:

family by Kara 2Ok, everyone knows I love my Second Life as much or more than the next person, but this online news article about a Oklahoma couple and their RL problems that may have been exacerbated by their SL online time is chilling.  I'm sure we all know to take all things in moderation and many people have a good balance of RL and SL, but let this be a reminder to us all to keep things in perspective and RL family first!  I don't want to spread more bad news about SL, as it has tons of great qualities and there will always be good and bad things going on in just about everything, but I do think this can be used as a reminder.  This story is not about SL really, it's about poor parenting.  Many of us have probably heard others yelling at their kids while they are in SL, and it might be a good time to remind them first life should come first and to take a break from SL to be with their kids if needed.  I know plenty of kids ask for supper or food, and that's a hard call since most kids want to eat all the time, but better safe than sorry and again a gentle reminder to friends, if this kind of things is overheard on mic, that it might be a good break time for family time.  Anyway, this is all over Facebook atm, and I thought I'd share here in case people miss it.

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