Friday, August 2, 2013

The Library

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circa_009 by Kara 2

I've visited "The Library" in SL a few times since I'd heard it was a great build with intelligent conversation and frisky fun times.  I snapped a few shots of it early on and then a bit of the group during an event 8-1-13. More than 20 people showed up for the "One Sentence Paranormal Romance Story" event.  Being the shy and proper person that I am, I took a friend along for moral support in this sophisticated yet sexually charged environment that is somewhat new to me. 

circa_008 by Kara 2

The Library hosts various events and this one was possibly as interesting to watch as it might have been to participate.  The group enjoys book and poetry readings usually, ok I think always, of the erotic type, exchange interesting group chatter and meet up for drinks, convos and "other things" at regularly scheduled and impromptu times en group or as couples or individuals. 

This night the event was a planned shared story telling experience whereby the first person started the story and the next added to it and around it went that way.  There was no telling where the next person was going to take the tale but it seemed to manage to carry a story that included all the elements of the projected romance/sex, paranormal, and even held a lose plot and ending.  Of course I was an observer as I was busy blogging at the time... yeah.. that was my excuse for being the voyeur that I am while not fully participating.  Of course full participation is always optional so others also stood around listening to the story unravel.  Anyway, remember I had company who had not visited The Library before, so it would have been rude of me not to give him a full tour.  O yeah.. and it was mostly new to me too so we checked it out properly so that I could blog about it in a knowledgeable fashion. 

The Library info. comes with a cool background story, that I won't give away, but it can be found at the landing zone.   Members are to have upscale attire, current skins, and act and look appropriately.  Guests of patrons are welcome in ~The Library~ at any time but may not be able to use the teleporter or some of the furniture, so you may want to join up to have the full experience. The general landing area has a lot of info.  The furniture and "props" have some of the more fluid, extensive, and quality animations loaded that I have seen in SL... er... I mean.. so I've been told. 
the library_015 by Kara 2

The Library is owned by Jett Roxan and his profile states: "I am the owner of  this members only Library themed space... the Library sets the tone for Intelligent conversation and sexual role playing in a sophisticated adult environment." 

There is a writing cage in the hidden boiler room in the lower level where people can sit and write, and share their short stories by passing them in, thus making them available for others to read at their leisure, once they've been added to the "books" laying around.  The writers then gain a special title for their contribution. I'm quite sure some of the things in that room could be very inspirational.
the library_007 by Kara 2

There are several levels to this Library including:
The primary gathering area, designed for intelligent conversation in local chat. The truthball on the coffee table is filled with questions to get things started.
A smoky but rich room with high quality aged furniture and a lived-in look.  
For those darker moments. A room, connected to the basement filled with tasteful BDSM/forced
The Hidden Library has just a few more nooks and crannies for fun.
Just through the hidden library is a just a quiet beautiful space with a bed. 

the library_012 by Kara 2All in all a very interesting evening. Check it out some time if this sounds like something you would like. 

the library_018 by Kara 2

(A couple of photos I took at an earlier visit)

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