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Dreams Building Competitions, Fun, Education, and Support

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boat floatilla2.jpg by Kara 2

Pixels Sideways told me about a cool builder's challenge event that had been going on that is also for a good cause. I was able to run over Saturday to have a look.  Pixels told me about the floatilla of boats created for a boat building challenge on the Dreams sims. The floatilla event took place Saturday with awards presented Sunday.  The Dreams sims are home to the Dreams Travelers, one of the oldest groups in SL -- founded in 2005.  They offer building classes, sandboxes and also fun build challenges.  They are also associated with ShockProof (stroke survivors) and Brigadoon Explorers (Aspergers/autism) and a group for ADD.   I stopped in for a look, watched Piexels and some others get some of the boats out and observed many unique and fun boats. 
boat floatilla_008 by Kara 2

boat floatilla_007 by Kara 2
THE CHALLENGE:  Build a boat that will work.  This does not have to be a traditional boat, but it needs to hold people and work like a boat.  The task was to build a 30 prim boat with a few other rules. 
boat floatilla_004 by Kara 2

Also, the group seems to have some great ideas and supports education and other good causes.  Here is a little more info about the group overall that I grabbed from their note card:

Dreams was started in Luo in July of 2005, after having a home for a number of months in Manua.
The Sojourner (Soj) , Rick Kent, Amalthea Blanc and a few others  started Dreams in Luo to accomplish a number of dreams:
1.  To provide a base for creative interaction among people in SL.
2.  To provide an area for teaching, holding discussions, and holding events.
3.  To provide a support base for people who encounter strokes (brain attacks) in their own lives or in the lives of their loved ones.
Not everyone dreams the same.  Some people need a bit of isolation, others need to play off of each other.   Dreams is here to provide that variety.  Most of all, it is here to provide support, learning, and fun.
The Dream Travelers are the dreaming force on this land.  They are Seekers, Spinners, and Weavers. They are Travelers and even when they dont carry the distinction over their heads, they will shift and turn as the mists of dreams do.  Things that are attempted but don't work out are the stuff of new dreams.  But, oh, when they do reach fruition, what a wonderful time it is!!
The most important thing here is to find a way to take what is in each one of us and to explore it.. turning it inside out and back again... and then to pursue something that we have thought to be beyond us, having a place among friends to do that.
Dreams is also the activity base for  􀀃, a group of stroke-survivors, family members, and others interested in stroke/brain attacks. 
In addition, we host the  Brigadoon Explorers who are individuals who have or are interested in Asperger Syndrome and autism. 
Contact Ariel Miranda to find out about the weekly meetings (Wednesdays at 5 pm PST).
Our newest group, the ADD/ADHD Support Group 2.0 are  for those who have or are interested in ADD/ADHD.  They meet twice weekly' 1 pm on Mondays and 6 pm  on Tuesdays.  For more information contact Sophia Krell or Aerial Karu. 
Education is a strong part of Dreams. Learning happens in a variety of ways, which aids learners of all types.
Formal classes given by teachers with different styles cover topics like simple build projects to scripting to building techniques to creating your own textures or avatars. 
Informal learning happens in the sandbox or after class as people ask questions and get answers about topics related to the Second Life experience or just life in general.
Discussions and support groups help participants gain a better understanding of themselves or others, as well as get support from other people who may be going through similar situations.
Learning is an important part of improving ourselves, regardless of where we're starting out. Some may be recovering from strokes or other brain injuries, finding that the challenges of Second Life help them regain functioning plus new skills. Others may be homebound or in search of new outlets. Learning Second Life, building, scripting or other things broadens horizons.
What will YOU learn?
For more information on Dreams, please contact Golda Stein or Dorie Bernstein."

boat floatilla_006 by Kara 2

Next month they have another challenge:
September 2013
Octopus’s Garden was the second song ever written by Ringo Starr.  He got the idea when he was on a boat and the boat’s captain told Starr that octopuses travel along the sea bed picking up stones and shiny objects which to build gardens.  Use this as a spring board to build your imaginative undersea garden. 
As with our garden build, this month’s contest is going to be viewed from the inside of the build.  The building sites are connected with a path so guests can walk, or swim from one garden into the next by predetermined walkways.
Hints for building underwater:  The easiest way is to go into the advance menu, then Rendering Types, Water, and uncheck it.  There is still fog, so go to Rendering Features and Fog and uncheck it.  Remember to look at your build with both of those checked before considering the build is finished.
Use a lot of phantom (object tab of edit).  Swimming around a build and getting hung up on fish or plants detracts from the enjoyment of your build. 
Snorkel gear and swim hud will be available at the entrance to the gardens.  Please remember that this is a general sim and bikinis are not permitted.
THE CHALLENGE:  To design and build an underwater garden.
August 29, 1 pm SLT Competition Starts
August 29, 6 pm SLT Seminar/class on building under the water  􀀀
September 15, 1 pm SLT Building Phase Ends
September 15, 5 pm SLT Voting Begins
September 22, 1 pm SLT Voting Ends
September 22, 5 pm SLT Awards
PRIM COUNT:  130 (Land Impact)
BUILD SIZE:  20 BY 20 meters..." and more info info.  Stop by the sim for details.

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