Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jasper Eel Designs

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One of my new friends Jasper Eel is a talented Jewelry maker.  His store is call Jasper Eel Designs.  The jewelry is just beautiful. He got into the business initially for fun and made a Relay for Life Set. The business materialized and now he has two shops.  One in Vespeira in a cool shopping area near the awesome club Rewind.  The other is on Seychelles near the Guitar Museum, and Live Musician's Organization, also a great location with cool things around.  Check them out.

Jasper Eel.jpg by Kara 2

Jasper humbly provided his advertisement photographer's and pose maker's names wanting to give them credit for their assistance.  Mishey Mactavish did the ads and Reece Latoe did the poster about the jasper stone.  Peter Jackson provided the poses.  I found this all interesting as I am also friends with Mishey and Peter, and know them both to be generous people.   Small world. 

The jasper stone info. was very interesting and I asked if Jasper knew all that when he picked his SL name.  He said, no he just recently got into jewelry making and it all seemed to fit, but he didn't previously know or think of this when he came in to SL and just got into jewelry making as a hobby to compliment and not conflict with a friend's building  business in the past.  
JED by Kara 2

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