Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coalition Football League Open House

cfl by geena by Kara Trapdoor

cfl by geena, a photo by Kara Trapdoor on Flickr.

                                                                         2013 COALITION FOOTBAL LEAGUE
                                                                               AN OPEN HOUSE EVENT!        
*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:.:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:.:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*

                              The newest and most innovative football league to burst onto SecondLife is here!

                                                               JOIN US for an OPEN HOUSE EVENT!

    We will be there to answer your questions and accept applications for the premiere season of the CFL for football players and cheerleaders!

      If you don't have questions and are ready to join the fun please have your app ready to go so we can arrange your interview...
First time players/cheerleaders and veteran player/cheerleaders are invited to stop by and visit the new CFL Headquarters and check out the teams that make up this exciting new league for it's inaugural season.

                  \ ◯                    Ѡℍ∈R∈:   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Minx/128/128/22
                    )  (\  
                   (_i_)*                 Ѡℍ∈ℕ:     WEDNESDAY   4:00PM  - 6:00PM SLT
                    \ I /  
                                              ** COMPLIMENTARY GIFT ITEMS OFFERED for ALL!**

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