Sunday, August 25, 2013

Let me point out as I think many people are not utilizing this SL feature enough and I really enjoy it.  To see my profile feed there, check it out here:

This can in part be viewed from each persons inworld profile when you click the "web" tab at the top in Firestorm.  You can even manage it to an extent from inworld, but it's best to get in there from the site, adjust your profile and preferences for it, and use it to it's fullest there.

 I like to see what people are saying, as you can post little bits of info., and comment on other's from in there similar to a Twitter stream.  Sometimes there is late breaking news about SL, LL, sims, events, sales, etc, that seem to circulate in there first.  I also like to see photos people post from inworld and you can adjust things so it automatically also gives the direct link and name of a sim, so if you like to explore this is great too. You can also send public or private messages to people from there.  This can be nice if you can't get into SL some places or times, or if messages cap, or if you want to save messages to reply later, etc.

The reason I'm blogging it is that I notice some people use it a LOT and other don't use it at all, and I'm wondering if that is because some people are not fully aware of it's advantages.  So, I'm just saying, it's pretty cool. 

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