Saturday, February 9, 2013

Patron Newness!

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Patron has many new things and I popped in to have a look.  The owner/creator, Eliza Wierwight, was around so I had a nice little chat with her about some of her new products.  The Patron store is a delight itself just to see and visit and the new topiary and florist arrangements are so vibrant and beautiful.  I talked with Eliza a little about her work as I have in the past and wanted to ask her again about something I thought I remembered her once telling me.  She confirmed she does all her work by hand on a laptop and trackpad and draws with her finger, no mouse.  She's only ever owned laptops and said if she used a desktop she couldn't move her working life around it. She is currently in the process of building a bonsai deck off one side of the main building and went on to say she's fine with "putting in the work to reinvent or enhance areas but at the same time won't kill off the build, as it's like coming home for most of her customers."  Eliza does have many regular customers.  I move around SL a lot and told her I see her works all over the grid.
Patron by Kara 2
Patron by Kara 2
 I wandered around out in the gardens and yards and gallery some too.  Besides all the new things in the main store she also recently released her Secret Garden Environmental artefacts kit. There are many small changes and additions all over.  I took a few pictures of some of the new things and one of the main attractions is the Lakeme (topiary lady) which is named after the opera and Eliza's smiled and said, "... had a lofty moment while creating her".  It's never boring with Eliza.  Time for another visit and while there check out all the new items then don't miss her outdoor gallery which to me is like an explore in itself, her household furniture and food items, clothes, art works, landscaping and the whole area.  Direct link above.
Patron pic by Kara 2

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  1. ~laughs~ thanks Miss Kara for your as usual stellar support, I genuinely appreciate it.

    AND mmhnn, I navigate, work, chat in IM, design, draw, you name it, by track pad. You're not the first person to be astounded by this fact. Thing is I never owned a desktop in my life. Now while I get a drool on when I see some of huge screens and elaborate set ups my friends have their amazing RL spaces it just never appealed to me to be in one spot. I like the freedom to roam around. Practical as well for other reasons. As to my agility, I've never known anything different, so I guess adaptation was never an issue. Look how well people have taken to using Ipads etc, shows there are really very few limits. I am a bit cross with myself though, I've a drawing tablet I have never adapted to. I KNOW I could extend myself further arts based if I just acclimatised to it. Working as much as I do I never seem to find the time to make the cross over. Wonder if that luxury of time will ever come.......we'll see :)

    Lots happening at PATRON this year, both commercial and Arts based, may even open to the public the other SIM which is used for work for something very special later in the year.

    So many ideas, so much to do, wonderful customers of both my Art and commercial designs, brilliant supporters. I'm so blessed.

    Thanks again Miss Kara :)