Sunday, February 3, 2013

Art India Gallery Open with Art Deco Style

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Yesterday was the  opening of Melusina Parkin's exhibition, Art Deco, hosted by Art India Gallery and curated by Quan Lavender. Melusina displayed not only photos, but also Art Deco furniture from her brand Melu Deco.  The room decor is part of the exhibit, being pure Art Deco.  There is also a teleport to a skybox with a short visual history of RL Art Deco style. The opening was Feb. 3rd with a Flapper ball and period music.  A large crowd enjoyed the build, exhibit, and dancing. 
Party pics:
India Art Gallery by Kara 2
(Some attendees, Quan, curator,, upper left, MEB ladies, myself with fellow blogger Apmel having a dance, Quan, myself and Gina lower left)

Art India Gallery by Kara 2
(Melusina, artist and designer)

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