Monday, February 25, 2013

Griefing or Accident? Who knows But it was Weird

So my neighbor at Elysian Fields, Kara's Korner on Dream Island, IM'd me asking if I could come over to the sim.  I was at my primary home at the time, but tp'd on over.  I landed on my parcel and immediately noted I was completely surrounded by prim material.  I instantly returned to owner over 3,000 prim that did not belong to me.  So much for leaving land build rights open to the public.  But I soon noted the problem wasn't just on my land.. the entire sim had been buried in something. 
sags pic of sim grief prims by Kara 2
(My neighbor Sag took these top two pics of the entire sim coverage)
We slowly got the mass narrowed down to one quarter parcel whose owner was not online.  The sim owner then came to the rescue and deleted the rest.  This was a huge WOW factor for me as the prim mass went very high up in the sky and was quite impressive if not annoying.  Some friends came over and we all speculated about the stuff.  I also sent a note to the person the many prims belonged to, Hanibal Lordhunter, asking for an explanation.  I mean, it could have been a accident.  Maybe.  I haven't ever reported anyone before, but unless this was some accident I might.  I initially thought it was a rezzer thing and 3 of the 4 quarters of the sim allowed building, so who knows.
sags pic of grief prims by Kara 2

We discussed the prim pieces too, since it was quite different.  The pieces were not phantom. The prims were invisible outside, hollow with plywood inside and they had odd visual properties as you couldn't see them when you flew into them but would rather bang up against them. But if you cammed around inside you saw the backside wall that hit your nose.  Desdemona seemed to be more of an expert with the observations.  She also said she thought they were sculpts.. with inverted textures. While I was trying to rid the sim of the pests she was making some good observations and also noted they could've just textured, that was the inside out texture, like a hollow sphere with transparent on the outside surface. She said it was not an exponential rezzer, but probably one object just blasting away she believed. All I know is I removed all of it from my quarter via the land management, but on the neighbors I could only remove one piece at a time in a very slow tedious process until the sim owner came and took the rest down.   Those present were my neighbors Sag and Jacera, friends Emma, Cue, Divi, Desdemona, and our sim owner Nate.  We stood around talking about it for a while after, so was good to see everyone and no real harm done other than a little lost time and excitement.   
Griefer by Kara 2
(I took this pic of what was left when only 1/4 of the sim was left to uncover)

Griefer? by Kara 2
(The gang)
Elysian Fields at Kara's Korner by Kara Trapdoor
(Later a dance at Elysian Fields,,,sim back to normal)

If you want to visit, it's open for exploring and hanging out with a fun cave, grottos, tons of poses and animations, dancing and cuddles in a beautiful area.  Sorry but you can't rez any more unless you join the group.  And if you do rez stuff, please don't put one of these mosters primmy things on my land.  Thanks : )  Visit here:

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