Thursday, February 7, 2013

LEA6- Dr. Moreau Seaworld by Nexuno Thespian -Opening 2-8-13

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February 2013 LEA full sim exhibit in LEA6 by Nexuno Thespian is now open and the opening party is set for tomorrow, Friday 2-8-13 at 1:30pm SLT.
LEA6 by Kara 2

LEA6 by Kara 2

This colorful, unique build has many interesting layers of various vivisection half man half sea-animal life type beings that conjure up images from  "The Island of Dr. Moreau" science fiction novel by H.G. wells that I read as a child.   There are at least 3 treasure boxes around that give a prize upon answering a simple question. I received a hermit crab man galop,  uomo seppia violinista, and a seppia volante---all very unusual and fun.  My friend Kathy and I explored for a while and we rode around on the crab men.  Another friend, Bel, joined me in costume and we took pics in the firey area.  There are many levels and thankfully the teleporting around is well marked and works great.  There is a lot to explore and see and be sure to ride one of the large fish like creatures floating around.  Happy exploring!

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