Friday, November 5, 2010


10.17.10 Pluto
"Surreal" came to mind when I visited the grand opening 10-17-10 of Pluto, an installation that will run October 17 through November 17th. Two great Portuguese artists, CapCat Ragu and Melio Minotaur exhibit their personal and poetic vision of the planet Pluto.
10.17.10 Pluto
At the opening I found CapCat and Melio in impressive costume avatars that are available for sale at the installation. I could not help but ask CapCat, a fellow Flickr friend of mine, a little more about the meaning of the presentation. She explained, "There is not a lot to say really, it's Pluto. She was the God of the underworld and the planet that is no more." She said, "It's our death installation, I guess, including decay, ghosts and flys." The exhibit actually seemed a bit beautiful to me with all the flowing light figures. I teleported up to Pluto where there were more Pluto ghosts flying around. This is an impressive exhibit difficult to describe but well worth the visit and some friends I dropped in were grateful for the lift, expressing their delight with the show also.

There were many attendees during the extended opening and as CapCat and Melio stood around chatting and blending into the scenery with their outfits, many of the attendees were also in various costumes. A couple even provided an impromptu fire and light show. The sim notecard states: "Come and Dream with Us." And that is exactly what I did.

Attendees included: Morghana Savira, Kimm Paulino, Storm Blauvelt, xendra lane, giovanna cerise, Korii Tiger, Shark Fallen, Gavin Zhora, Falco Preez, simba Schumann, Claudia Naire, SaveMe Oh, Takio Ra, Gattalia Rossini, Blanca Diesel, Ninhas Lupindo, Osis Feden, Wizardoz Chrome, Burk Bode, Maloe Vansant, Benjamin Hirons, Solkide Auer, Eupalinos Ugajin and riri Bazar, Lenz Bovarro, and Cafi Rang, among others.
10.17.10 Pluto

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