Friday, November 19, 2010

The Need to Breed-Second Life Horses

Just shoot me now, as I have succumbed to the latest SL trend of horse breeding. Well, not technically as I only ever intend to keep two at a time max. I really have no clue why, after my bunny failure when one turned black in spite of all the love and food I gave it and freaked so put them back into the abyss of an inventory never to be seen again, that I thought I had to try the horses.

This horse business is huge in SL right now right on the heels of the bunny business and one friend told me she sold a special horse for about 30,000L---NO KIDDING. I really had no intent of getting horses, but I was looking at them and saw "Char" with the big beautiful green eyes and I was a goner. At 200L I thought I had a deal---that is until I decided she had to have a mate for company -enter randy old "Remington" whose "fervor" was way high and although I never saw them do "it" w/in a few hours Char was with child. This was of course after I spent a small fortune for food/water, stable, salt lick, snack, etc. No expense spared for my "horse's" happiness. They are not even as attractive as my real looking fake horses. You can ride them though. Anyway a few days later mama Char has this hay bale baby which I fully intend to NOT unpack into a foal. I missed the birthing or however that hay bale happened to be hanging from mama Char. Maybe I will let Char and Remington have a little more fun, make one more baby hoping for a diff sex this time then give the adults away before they eat me out of house and home and keep the babies unopened so they don't "die" in my inventory in case I get the whim to breed something again in the future. But then would that be incest? Virtual horse incest--what a thought--anyway if you feel the need to breed and nurture check out this trend that's been sweeping SL. I'm sure there will soon be a new SL breeding trend.

Addendum: Remington has been keeping Char so pregnant and making babies, that I studded him out last night so a friend could try for one of the special edition horses. What a guy.

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