Friday, November 5, 2010

Lady Hightower Memorial Rumble

Patrick taking a break with friends
10.9.10 Lady Hightower Memorial Rumble
The invitation for October 9 read: "Let us celebrate life with music and noise and dance. Let us "rumble" to remember Lady Hightower. Thank you all so very much on her behalf and in her memory. Let us celebrate as I offer these passages from the bible in prayer:
"There was a rumble and lightning and the sounds of the trumpet grew. Sing praise in the assembly of people. Community! Let us make music with tambourines and! Raise those who are oppressed with sadness and lift them up. Make music, sing for joy, and let the rumble be heard. I offer this tribute with you in honor of lady hightower. Amen." 10.9.10 Lady Hightower Memorial Rumble

Patrick Thorkveld along with Gwampa's 4 sim Dance Kamp
hosted a memorial to Lady Hightower's memory with a full lineup of some of Second Life's favorite musicians October 9th from 7am to 10pm SLT. Lady Hightower clearly was loved and respected by many in the SL community and especially close to her fellow musicians as evidenced by the fond sentiments and music they each provided in her honor. The day provided some closure and an opportunity for the community to come together supporting each other in this loss. Many of the musicians provided heart felt sentiments and selected songs specific to their memories of her, as well as some traditional memorial songs.

When I commended Gwampa Lomu for providing the venue, he stated, "I like doing this.. feels good to give back to the community" I also touched base with Patrick Thorkveld, Lady Hightower's partner SL and RL and he acknowledged the day was difficult for him, but said, this was a "a chance for the community to heal".

Lady Hightower's SL profile is still in the system seemingly as a lasting memory, so now a few quotes from Lady Hightower's profile as follows :
"One cannot have too large a party."
~Jane Austen, who obviously never tried to get into a crowded sim.
-Life itself is the proper binge.
But a good bottle of chardonnay is fun, too
-Fiction is not a dream, nor is it guesswork. It is imagining based on facts, and the facts must be accurate or the work of imagining will not stand up"

Attesting to Lady Hightowers popularity the sims remained full throughout the day as I continued to pop in and out.
The musical lineup included: 7:00 am prayer followed by
7:05 Wolfie Moonshadow, 7:20 am Russell Eponym, 7:32 scotty glaswing, 7:45 am Beth Odets, 8:00 am Bones Writer, 8:15 am shadez rhapsody, 8:30 am zachh cale, 8:45am Tempio Breil, 9:00am Tommie Scorpio, 9:14 am Bluemonk Rau, 9:30 digby smalls, 9:45am Gabryel Nyoki,10:00 Josie Anderton,10:12 Normrynolds Genesis,10:24 Samm Qendra
10:36 UKD BAND, 11:20 Sid Slade, 12pm-1pm Rockrose Full Band, 1:00 pm Mimi Carpenter, 1:15 pm Andreus Gustafson
1:30pm Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler, 1:42 pm Hellig Melson
1:54 pm Montian Gilruth, 2:06 pm LaidBack Celt
2:18 pm Newbawn Easterwood, 2:30pm Matt Perreault, 2:42pm Nick99 Razor, 2:54pm kellee blaylock, 3:06pm Tamra Sands, 3:18pm Anek Fchs, 3:30pm-Noma Falta, 3:42pm Franklee Anatra, 3:54pm Frogg and Jaycatt, 4:06pm Shannon Oherlihy, 4:18 Clairede Dirval
4:30pm jean munro, 4:42pm pondman haalan, 4:54pm skye galaxy, 5:06pm Norris Shepherd, 5:18pm Kim Seifert
5:30pm Raspbury Rearwin, 5:42pm Zerbie Magic, 5:54pm ******catch up break******6:06pm Wytchwhisper Sadofsky, 6:18pm Shantu Selene, 6:30pm Maximillion Kleene, 6:42pm Frets Nirvana, 6:54pm Ictus Belford, 7:06pm Lightning lowtide, 7:18pm Truly Lionheart, 7:30pm PM Bookmite, 7:42pm Phemie Alcott, 7:54 pm Harper Mesmer
8:06pm RB Hamelin, 8:18pm madmax, 8:30 pm Jackson oxenberger, 8:42 pm bruce scrabblebat, 9:06 dirtydee, Sweetwaterr, 9:18pm Rosedrop rust, 9:30pm Ronus Lefevre,
9:45 pm Paul Nowles, 10 pm Dexter Ihnen,
End : Audience Rumble with Moondoggirl Moomintoog
(bye bye miss american pie)
10.9.10 Lady Hightower Memorial Rumble Gwampa

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