Thursday, November 4, 2010

Explore It-Education in Second Life

My friend and Media Pro, Persia Bravin, handed me a invite box to rez yesterday. I didn't think much about it until I rezzed it open today to find a very cool interactive announcement for an event being held this Saturday, November 6th 11-3 SLT at . Immersive, interactive Education is coming to SL via a grant. The announcement was about the the Second Life official launch of the ‘EXPLORE IT!’ project funded by the California SB 70 Grant, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s initiative on improving and strengthening ‘Career Technical Education.’

Thanks to the grant now *"students in Santa Barbara, California, can discover career paths in the technical industries right here in Second Life. Funding from the ‘SB 70’ grant awarded to Santa Barbara City College and administered by the California Department of Education, has enabled the build of the brand new ‘Explore It!’ career academy located on its own sim in Second Life. This truly innovative project has been designed by an all star team and will be used by thousands of students from junior high, high schools and colleges to explore career routes in the technical fields of multimedia, culinary arts, the automotive industry, horticulture and hospitality. Creative scripting technology also means the ‘EXPLORE IT!’ village includes audio explaining each career, videos, interactive gadgets plus a website with helpful information about the many different routes offered in each main career."

The official launch day events schedule includes:
11am-12pm: BOSL DJ Allenclive Beaumont
12-1pm: Live Music from HatHead Rickenbacker
1pm-2pm-Live Music from Aubryn Melody
2pm-2pm: Live Music from Bones Writer

The invitation opened up to a chopping block table that talks and moves as you click along. You click the knife and it chops carrots, makes soup, and there is even a bunny, etc. I enjoyed the invite and am sure the opening event Saturday will be a blast. Explore it... Your Future That Is. The event is open to all so check it out here:

*"The creative team behind ‘Explore It!’
DB Bailey (David Denton) - Architecture/ Building
Keystone Bouchard (Jon Brouchard)- Building and model construction
Desdemona Enfield - Scripting
Douglas Story (Dennis Schaefer) - Writing, interactive gadget concepts, voice-over talent direction, photo compositing, and audio editing
Hilda Diavlo (Nina Jensen) – Website development
Zil Jewell (Liz Russotti) – Grant Director
LeaLea Llewellyn (Leana Bowman) Grant writer
Chrome Underwood- Cast avatar design
Persia Bravin-Press and Promotion

What is the SB 70 Grant?

California’s SB 70 Grant is the Governor’s Initiative on improving and
strengthening Career Technical Education (CTE). The ’Explore It!’ career academy was made possible through a grant application implemented, written by and awarded to Santa Barbara City College.

More Information on the SB 70 Grant can be found at:"

*Information quoted from Perisa's Flickr stream here:

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