Friday, November 5, 2010

Hungry Art Gallery

10.17.10 Hungry Gallery

Archibald Sideshow's Hungry Gallery held a grand opening 10-17-10 presenting artist Ariel Brearly, Daruma Boa, Sledge Roffo and Archibald himself. Archibald showed me around the gallery explaining that the top floor is filled with his works many of which he uses his own body against the picture to make works of art. The first one we discussed was called "Me White On Black and Red.".. fitting considering it was him. He said and one could see it was his face "pushed up against the canvas." He also showed me some works with his body on the canvas as well as a female body so that I could experience the different looks they provided. Of course I had to ask if that felt good and he replied, " No not so good cause I using acrylic and its plastic color with drying fast". He finally admitted he uses himself in the art a lot. One work he showed me he stated it was not even dry yet in first life.

After a little discussion Archibald, who lives in Sweden provided some personal information about himself. He paints and also writes poetry and prose. In his own words, " I roll out a mat on the kitchen floor, and pick up a box of paints from the closet. Then I crawl around the canvas on the floor with cool music in the background.
Later that night I take my canvasses to a park behind a garage and start to spraypaint them. Usually I call a friend and tell that I'm cold. Always cruelly cold to wait for it to dry.
I bought art on vintage, which I then painted over. I have a lot of vintage artwork style Hollywood Paris from -59, that sometimes get stuck on the canvasses.
I usually substitute my own model. I do not use a brush when I paint, I use pieces of wood, knives, my own body. Yes, I paint on my body and make prints.
Art is the imprint from society, from the inside from the outside, from me. My body is my brush. I do not know what I'm doing, that's why I'm doing it."

Whatever he is doing he is doing it right.

Some friends in attendance got a little goofy for a while changing their avatar shapes and dancing in the gallery amidst the art. Attendees included:
Mariella Tammas, Burk Bode, Maloe Vansant, Jocgart Larsen, Eves Rodenberger, Giaanmario Masala, Musique Gable, Music Hyun, Razi Semple, nessuno Myoo, Frislanda Ferraris, Kicca Igaly, Anri Liamano, and many others. or direct link here: ArchibaldHere.

Vid of the goofy dancing by Flickr Friend Burk Bode:

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