Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sushi on The SS Galaxy

The other day I visited the SS Galaxy which is the only full size, full scaled and full featured cruise ship in SL. While there I found this little corner sushi bar featuring a large floating kinda octopus looking one eyed Sushi Chef weilding a huge knife serving up the sushi. People seated around the sushi bar were eating plates of sushi with chopsticks and I knew then anything is possible in SL. I think this might actually make a cute date, but I was on the run exploring so didn't take time to grab a friend or even actually settle in with a meal. The ship itself was very impressive spanning 3 sims with more than 8 decks of fun and entertainment. It offers various staterooms and suites for a fee per day or week, and many amenities and activities onboard including quite a few dining experiences, dance/ballroom/lounge areas, of course swimming, skating, shopping, bb, skeet, sky diving, jet ski, fishing, monowheel, rockclimbing walls, mini golf, windsurfing, spas, holodeck, helipads, theater, art gallery, garden, arcade, medical center, etc., and even a jogging rezzer to jog the track around the entire ship, plus much more. Ok, yes the whole thing was pretty impressive. Check it out some time.

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