Sunday, April 25, 2010

ABBA Extravaganza at New Brighton

Sunday I visited the New Brighton sim for a ABBA extravanganza show. They had 2 hours of ABBA music and the New Brighton Belles dancers. My exploring buddy and I were late in but thoroughly enjoyed dancing to the sounds of ABBA while the dancers on stage in costumes danced in sync and formation with ABBA backdrops occasionally showing behind them. The crowd was friendly even when I got a little overly excited Emerald camming the dancers and somehow double clicked... we all know what that means... and I ended up right on stage with the dancers. I quickly jumped down and advised the group that was my audition for being a dancer. That was when I noticed they were filming too. Wonderful. After that I was very tempted to do it again and my partner in crime and I plotted how we'd jump on stage with our alts and dance. Maybe next time. Anyway, it was a great show, great music, and I hope I make it back next time. My only regret was missing The Rocky Horror Picture Show event they had prior to ABBA.

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