Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CARP Metaverse Art Festival

"What is possible on the Metaverse"

51 participants
Remaining Schedule:

(Tyrehl Byk-Particle Installation)

--Wednesday 4-7-10:
12SLT Through Virtual Looking Glass and GalleryAle opening
2PMSLT Inland sound objects, soundtrack creations
4PMSLT Tyrehl BYK Particle Show
--Thursday 4-8-10:
2PMSLT Particle show Debbie Trillig/Calimera Lane
--Friday 4-9-10:
2PMSLT Virtual theatre The Wall
--Saturday 4-10-10:
1PMSLT Junivers Stockholm concert/Lightshow Janne Janus/particle and light effects, Mdeora chevalier/choreography
--Sunday 4-11-10:
2PMSLT Cypress Rosewood concert in the Metaverse Concert Hall
--Monday 4-12-10:
2PMSLT Opening DanCoyote Antonelli
3PMSLT Tyrehl BYK Particle show
--Tuesday 4-13-20:
1PMSLT SLT Al Hoffmann, concert in the Metaverse Concert hall
--Wednesday 4-14-10:
1PMSLT Werner Kurosawa-Virtual Art Large Scale Conceptual Complex
--Thursday 4-15-10:
2PMSLT NNOIZ PAPP Concert in the Metaverse Concet hall
--Friday 4-16-10:
2PMSLT closing event The Wall-Big Afterparty

I was fortunate enough to see the Particle Installation Monday by Tyrehl Byk. He will present this again Wednesday (today, see schedule). Tyrehl was also on The First Question SL game show this evening with Pooky Amsterdam. Sunday he will be on the Live with Paisley Bebee show. (pics: Tyrehl Byk and his Phantasmagoria Particle Show). It looks like a lot of talent here to check out. http://diabolus.ning.com/

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