Monday, April 5, 2010

SL Viewer Controversy More information about Second Life and third party viewers and the third party viewer directory.

Policy on third pary viewers:

Emerald viewer is great for explorers, but I have heard many rumors & bits of information about it that if factual are very concerning. I realize I need more information. It would probably be safer for me to just stick with viewer 2, but I have been struggling to conform and learn enough to be completely comfortable with this very different viewer as yet. It's my understanding LL has made a list of sanctioned viewers and any viewer not approved or on the list by April 30 will be banned. This is in part to prevent content theft I'm told. I need some simple explanation of all this really. In the mean time I think my computer will continue to hold several viewers. I want to do the right thing, so if someone has researched this and can explain in simple terms, please let me know.

Addendum: Now I hear Emerald is working on a rebase Emerald that will satisfy the Lindens, then a new Emerald based on Snowglobe 1.3 with backport features of SL2.0 without the interface. More rumor? IDK


  1. :D I have some facts. While SL viewer 2.0 were in beta version I were still using the emerald. First reason: more windlight presets, much more friendly to old residents (found funny have to ask others how to do simple things, since much of them are "hidden" on the new menu concept. UI won't work so much good as the old viewer, so emerald still do the brillant UI off as before (at least hides everything).

    Well SL viewer 2.0 it's awesome, but for my work it won't move a "rock" if u know what I mean. Great for NOOBS but not easy for people who need a special FX's in a click.

  2. O lol.. well darn that isn't all that encouraging : ). Hopefully they will get Emerald up to speed for the "list" or if not, maybe LL will work out the viewer 2.0 in some ways for all of us. Some people love that viewer 2. I just need to bite the bullet and stay on it so I become more comfortable with it I guess. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Thanks for the information. I am not sure what to think yet as I haven't given the 2.0 viewer much of a chance yet. I love the Emerald viewer.