Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pose Fair Revisited...again.. & again.. &..

Ok YES I am a huge poser. (see Flickr) I also find great joy in all the little animations my "Barbie" can do in SL, not only for pics and vids, but just because it makes her come more to life for me. As I said before I love to click everything and see things move. So many animations are also comical and anything that can make me laugh, like head spins, vomit, popcorn tossing, etc. can't be a bad thing. Not to mention all the dancing I love to do and the um.."private" moves can be impressive??-so I've heard.

I was with a friend actually looking at animations, when the first notice of the 2010 Pose Fair dropped down around Midnight Thursday providing info. that it was underway. The fair runs April 2-16th. We figured this was an ideal time to visit before traffic gears up, and so we tp'd on over. What we found was over 100 pose, prop and animation creators presenting. This is the first such SL pose fair and is to benefits MOTIVATION, a mobility charity that helps disabled people throughout the world in low income countries, who do not have access to other means of support. The shops were arranged in a double back to back open squared area with easy access and large sculpture courtyard in the middle. One drawback is lag, which is common for fairs, but much to my delight they offer free pink and blue skins to cut down lag. I thought it was cute to see pink and blue avatars running around but my friend wanted to be unique and donned one of his own impressive skins to be different. So I walked around looking like a pink marshmallow ava trying out demo poses and animations while he was a bit "cooler" in his designer skins he kept switching out for fun.

Time flew by and soon I had to get some sleep before RL work. My buddy found a another friend to continue on with and out I went vowing I'd rez back in the same spot when I had time. The next morning I popped in and sure enough said friend was still there checking stuff out. Much later in the day after work, I rezzed in again to find my friend now afk sitting on one of those fair boxes that helps people move around. By then the lag was so thick it was like walking through jello with the occasional yo-yo affect. I hopped up on the box and sorted my IMs for the day before I started camming the remaining stores for content I had not yet seen. The fair sports many new poses and animations, great prices for a good cause and tons of freebies! Check it out, but take a friend to laugh about the lag, skin colors, and to share pose demo spots with.

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