Thursday, August 22, 2013

Diesel Works Serpent, Fallen Gods Skin

Diesel Works Serpent by Kara 2

Diesel Works Serpent, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

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Diesel Works has this cool serpent pose prop at Collabor88 this month that I ran over and picked up when they opened and have put off making pics with it for a while due to other distractions, but last night I finally checked it all out and put on my Fallen Gods "Scales" skin and fun Boon "PAP584" hair. Wow.. the serpent is way cool.  It comes as a hud you wear then click the button and the full version I got rezzes out one of 10 different snakes that all come with 3 color/style change options and its all adjustable too. Way fun. 

Snake collage 1 by Kara 2

snake collage 2.jpg by Kara 2



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  2. Oooh! That skin might work well with mermaid tails, too! GREAT post! I was at Collabor88 last night and found an amazing mesh dress by R2 Fashion. The catalog for August is

  3. Yes, Collabor88 is awesome! And thanks for the link!