Monday, April 16, 2018

Spirits of the Sea in Second Life, by Storie's glitterprincess destiny

Visit Spirits of the Sea, a new exhibit by Storie's Helendale, glitterprincess destiny, at Serena Imagine Art Center on Wolves Land here:
The Flickr group is here:

(Huge thanks to my friend Saoirse Heart Moore, Seersha for the tip about this great place to explore)

Spirits of the Sea, by Stories
Storie's notecard for the sim states in part....

"S т σ я i є' S
just a GirL, disorganized. But always in ART.
Welcome to my exhibition " Spirit's Of The Sea"
In my imagination I felt to create the sense that spirits or ghosts who inhabit the sea with maybe a untimely demise never the less they continue with their lives as seen through my eyes... or the spirits:) I hope you enjoy it as much as i did creating it:)...
Don't be afraid to walk in the ocean you will not sink :)"

August and I immersed ourselves in Storie's cool exhibit under a troubled sky and atop and a darkened sea filled with large surreal images, 2 giant semi-transparent tunnels that gave the feel of being under water, and a variety of fun little scenic areas to play on, relax and enjoy. I forgot to add my advanced windlights, but the photos can still give you an idea how much fun we had. This is my kind of art exhibit, unique, fun to look at and things to enjoy in an immersive environment. I even purchased one of the images for my SLhome. We met Storie's and she was very sweet and welcoming and even made an image of me while I was in a tube, hanging laundry like one of the images. Poor August was attacked by a shark, but survived and enjoyed playing around in the sim too : ) This exhibit is very worth checking out. Be sure to click around.

The sim also holds some quality shopping and another cool exhibit, "The Last Voyage of Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes" by a big pirate ship and sailing type paintings by Javier (orshini.tarantal) and other areas. The sim info states: Serena Imagine Arts Center hosts new or already known artists to make people enjoying their talent.
  Stories, Kara, and August at Storie's Spirits of the Sea.Spirits of the Sea, by Stories Spirits of the Sea, by Stories Spirits of the Sea, by Stories Spirits of the Sea, by Stories Spirits of the Sea, by Stories Spirits of the Sea, by Stories
(This one Stories took of me when I was on a pose in the exhibit, she must be the fastest photogrpher ever!) Kara- a very interactive guest _ u were _- _)


  1. Thank you so much Kara for your blog on my exhibition, and wonderfully photographed images and so happy you and also August enjoyed it* is he in one piece from the shark?...
    (your foto I couldn't help but take as you looked so natural interacting with the scene:)
    Thank you so much for your wonderful and thougthful blog - and thanks also to Seersha ...a awsome person as well *
    hahaha you really supprized me - aww) thanks*


  2. Lovely review of Storie's wonderful and immersive show!!

  3. Thank you both for the kind comments. And thanks for making such a cool place to enhance everyone's SL experience.