Saturday, April 7, 2018

Sansar and Ready Player One

I went to the theater and watched Ready Player One today in 3D Imax and LOVED it! Then I came home and popped into Sansar to see how it's going there as I heard they have a Ready Player One area.  They do, and that's cool.  I don't have VR at this point, so it's a little harder for me than some I guess.  After that I checked out the live music club "Arena", I visited the beach, then a lazer skyscraper build.  I visited the Skye forest, 114 Harvest, and Lily's Room.  That was enough for one day.  I will say Lilly's Room is very cute.. make sure you make it through the maze and seen what happens in the end.  Of course Sansar is still in the making so my av doesn't look the greatest either, but the graphics are great and I enjoyed my exploring.

If you want to visit Sansar, check it out here:
Here is their marketplace:

The first pics are from the Ready Player One area.
  SansarSansar Sansar

The live music area Arena


I visited a beach

I saw some lazer skyscrapers


The Skye forest

  SansarSansar Sansar
The 114 Harvest area was cool.. be sure to go into the basement.

  Sansar 114 Harvet

LIlly's Room was really cute


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