Thursday, April 12, 2018

Premium Everyone!

I'm just going to say, now is a good time to go premium folks.  I just got my first mainland, come join me.  Here are some of the premium benefits....

" Weekly L$300 stipend*
L$1000 sign-up bonus** for first-time Premium Account subscribers
Priority entry when regions are full of avatars
Linden Home or 1024m² tier allotment for use towards a parcel on the Mainland
Expanded live-chat customer support
Premium virtual gifts
Exclusive access to Premium areas and experiences
Increased cap on missed IMs
Increased group membership limits
Voice Morphing"

I love and use the premium sandoxes, even though I always have my own land.  These are full sim, often empty low lag areas you can toss out huge things or do whatever.  The people who do use them are respectful have great sandbox behavior i.e. no griefing, people go to their corners, etc.

I've recently taken advantage of purchasing mainland/tier allotment for parcel use.. woot!

I also really love the increased groups and love the priority entry when regions are full of avatars.  This is great for shopping events, busy live music events, opening days,  and other events that are busy.

If you are not premium.... just some things to consider.

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