Saturday, March 17, 2018

Isle of May

Visit Weed Isle of May, here:

My friend Shakespeare gave me to the tip to visit this sim.  I'd seen pics of it and was sort of on a back burner to visit but I knew if Shakespeare likes it, it must be good. And I was not disappointed.  This sim has all the features of a great explore, from amazing photogenic quality, cool sim lighting, many pose and rest spots, tons of scenic beauty, many small buildings, animals, areas to look at more carefully around every corner. The sim description states: "Anchored on the Firth of Forth, the Isle of May is a magical mix of sea birds (cormorants, guillemot, puffins, etc) and sea animals such as orcas and dolphins. The island is a perfect home to artists and photographers. See" I noted a bird sanctuary and an office with bird posters, some apparently run down or abandoned buildings and ruins, a lighthouse, various animals and birds of course, big and little boats, and other things to find.  I mostly kept the sim windlights on as it created a cool light green atmosphere but did check out a few other windlights to see how else it might look.  Well worth visiting. The sim and builds appear to be owned by Serene Footman.

(as usual if you are interested in seeing more pics/diff windlights click right on a pic and go to my Flickr--best just visit the sim yourself though)

Isle of May Isle of May Isle of May Isle of May Isle of May Isle of May

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