Saturday, March 17, 2018

Open Letter to Linden Labs

Dear Linden Labs:

I've been a long time Second Life resident and supporter of all things SL.  I've rented land for personal residential use for years but am at the point, due to the increased premium land benefit, of looking around to purchase some mainland.  I've heard residents say there is a lot of abandoned mainland and a lot of empty mainland for sale, so I figured I'd explore again and have a look.   I don't want to have a TON of neighboring things /objects/builds/rentals/laggy things, sky shadows from objects etc. in the air around me though. I'd like to be able to terraform and have all land rights. I would like to apply several 512 premium accounts toward the cost if possible and pay the rest. Is there anywhere like that available? Preferably waterside or near water or some protected land or road? I know people are looking all over right now and I know LL would like people to buy more land, but for the life of me I can't seem to find a decent residential place, or a website explaining all the details or offer land locations of parcels that are more residential vs people building a ton of huge things and stacked sky rentals nearby all over, causing lag and unsightly air space.  I can appreciate a cute skybox here and there,  but stacked deep low lying sky rentals and large sandbox type builds hanging in air are not appealing to me. I realize mainland is designed for people to buy/own with no LL or landlord control, and even if a prime location is found the neighboring land could be sold and go "bad" at any time, but it seems there could be some that tend to be more residential overall.  Also, I don't get why some are SO hilly with land parcels literally just hillside.  Thanks for any help anyone can provide. I have no idea where else to look and everyone I ask seems to feel like I do, and have no clue. The search feature just sends me to places with more of the above issues. This has been my concern previously but I keep hearing there is SOoo much available mainland now.. apparently not. Thanks for any ideas.

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