Friday, August 4, 2017

Sansar is Open Beta For Everyone Now

Try out beta Sansar by going here:

Free Sansar is open to try out beta for all, and I had to try of course.  We've all been curious about this new Linden Labs platform designed to work with VR (virtual reality head mounted display headsets) and new technology for a while now.  I don't have VR so I just went in anyway as it works fine to explore and creat in both HMD or desktop mode.  There are minimum computer configuration requirements though but my laptop was able to run it.  However, the first place I visited was a club and the graphics were washed out for my older laptop in spite of another person there saying the graphics were really great for him and appeared to him as the atlas image did.  Then I visited another location that was much clearer with great graphics so I'm not sure if it was just my computer settling in or what specifically.

  My impression is that persons with VR will have a much easier time moving and playing around and enjoying it in general.  The graphics were great overall, and while the starter avatars left much to be desired regarding hair and facial look after coming from SL, the clothes were well designed with good textures, wrinkles, etc that looked realistic. I used my Kara Trapdoor name so I'll be the same in there as in SL.  There are some basic customization options to the few starter avatars to select from.  I met and added my first friend.  There were other people out and about but most were new to it checking it out for the first time too and mostly moving from place to place looking around like I was.  I snapped a couple of pictures to show.

The information page reminds us this is beta with many more features and much more content yet to come.  They also make it clear Second Life is here to stay and Sansar does not take away from their love and dedication to Second life which they continue to invest in.. Yay for that!  Sansar is just another option, so check it out if so inclined.  Friend me there if you like! After a while my laptop just died and seemed hot so I came back in to play in the Second Life that I love.  It was super cool to see for the first time though.

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