Friday, August 18, 2017

Back to The Track

Visit Jericho Hill Sports Complex here:

Here are some videos if you are interested, but I will say the in-person experience is even better.  They do a good job filming though and you can get the idea.  Youtube here:

I headed over for some more racing tonight.  The racers seem to love it and it's fun to watch too.
Tonight the qualifers were as follows:
Jericho Hill Gate shouts:
Ryde Thor, 16.338
Mango Darwinian, 16.502
Svenja95 Resident, 16.643
Gage Pastorelli, 16.766
Taylor Aerallo, 16.768
MattTripp Resident, 17.500

Then they did a 80 laps race.. while I took pics for this blog :  )

At the Races At the Races At the Races At the Races

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