Sunday, November 23, 2014

What are your feelings on sensory deprivation? Truthball Gallery Edition Releases, Just in Time for the Holidays

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"What are your feelings on sensory deprivation?" This is one of the questions that comes in the BDSM version of Truthball just released in the latest of their new Gallery Edition releases in BDSM, and regular Male, and Female versions.  They can also be loaded with their other question packs.  Just in time for the gift giving holidays Truthball has released their latest versions of the ever popular game.  The Gallery versions have been released in table top size and full size in beautiful sculpture style that need to be seen in person to fully appreciate.  The male and female versions ask a variety of questions and I really enjoyed the pg chocolate questions with a friend.  Truthball owner, Leesa Donner, told me all about their products.  I have used the holiday version for a couple of years and just tried out the new gallery versions.  These really are a great way to get to know people better.  I've seen them used in clubs and at parties too.  The Gallery editions are gorgeous with colors and moving particles inside the globes.

If you are not familiar with Truthball, their promo says it best,
"Best truth or dare style game in Second Life.Wanna have some REAL fun??? Do you want to score points, have fun with your SIGNIFICANT OTHER and throw the best parties? Do you want a better way to get to know someone or have them get to know you? Play TRUTHBALL to ask the questions you NEVER would DARE to ask yourself and simply knockout your guests with fun questions that will leave a lasting WOW impression. The basic TRUTHBALL offers more questions  than any game in SL from sexy to silly, you won't see duplicates for a long time. Over 50 more question sets are available for additional purchase. The game lasts for hours of fun.  You can even write your own!" TRUTHBALL is the Best Truth or Dare Game in Second Life...thousands sold.  They also have brand new question sets.

 Other versions available in the store or on SL Marketplace include: Valentine, Holiday Snowglobe (cute for Christmas as it looks like a little snowglobe with a snowman, tree, and present inside), low prim, Neko, Truthkitty, Celtic, En Espanol, Bound V.III, Ultra Low Prim, DJ, St. Patricks Day, Wedding, RL Big Issues, Get 2 Know You, Cauldron, and many other editions. Check them out on SL Marketplace here: These make great gifts for all occasions.

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