Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Madpea Blood Letters

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bloodletters by madpea nov 1-30_001
I decided to do the new Madpea Blood Letters hunt.  This is a nice detective murder mystery I guess.  It seems to be sort of X-rated, so no kiddos allowed, sorry.  Some of the gifts are adult rated too.  They warned us ahead of time that no kids are allowed, so yup, off we ran to try it out.  The hud is 400L but worth it in that you get the value back and thensome in all the cool gifts you get along the way, plus it's a great explore as each segment not only takes you to a store to hunt but you get a part of the story and are in a new set or scene. The sets are very well done so explorers might light this hunt just for that feature alone too.  The stores selected are great and the gift are also very good.  The way it works is every day a new letter, clues, and gift are added.  Since this runs from Nov. 1 to Nov 30 there were already 5 letters up so I went with my friend Kathy and we did the first 5 all at once, and will need to go back now each night or at some point to do the rest that will be put out in future days.  Madpea is always great, so don't miss out on this one. Sometimes their hunts are sort of long and difficult, but the way this one is set up as one per night with some cool scenes they have made keeps it interesting and the hunting is not too difficult but enough of a challenge to keep it interesting.  Anyway, enjoy .. and be sure to check their official web site too fore more information here:
bloodletters by madpea nov 1-30_007bloodletters by madpea nov 1-30_004bloodletters by madpea nov 1-30_003

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