Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Secret Affair, Opens Today With Great Fantasy Shopping And a Wonderful Explore

Visit here:

This place is an amazing explore with a wide variety of settings to get involved in.  I went there looking for a shopping event (which I haven't even found yet and have run out of time for now so will have to log back in later to look some more) and just was enveloped in beauty.  I took a quick shot last night and grabbed the link today.  I am not sure what is going on here yet, but I will find out soon.  In the mean time.. it's gorgeousness all over.  (see addendum below for the event details)

Ok I just found the main event... it's "The Secret Affair".  It's located up in the sky via a teleport from an area that is also wonderfully landscaped near the Cemetery area on the edge of the sim (water area).  
Visit here:  (I think this is a direct link to the affair)

Their official blog is here:

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