Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Follow Returns to Second Life 11-21-14 at 6pm SLT

Visit here:

 I ran over to PRMC home sim - NO CARS , Dragons Meadow (109, 134, 465) - Moderate where The Following will be playing Friday and ran into Anek Fuchs who actually owns the venue for this show, and his partner built it. The area has a multi-level bike track. I asked how many levels it is as it's hard to cam and tell and he said 3 primary levels, but it winds the rest the way down to ground level so more than 5 and he said it changes a lot. It's a very cool place and looks like fun to ride with tunneled areas and nice landscaping winding around and down.  He also told me they will have bike give-aways Friday too, so it should be a great event overall. Powers Avon also showed up to start setting up for the show stage and audience area. The event note card states:
"www.TheFollow.SL is where you can go to teleport to any of our shows With any SIM crash, relocate to The Follow Music Hub until the host SIM recovers
􀀁  or is our little place on the Internet

The Follow always puts on a great show, so be sure to go early and grab a spot.  Take a landmark and try out the public use tracks too!  Be sure to check the links as they give information about their new RL album "K" that is scheduled for a Dec 1 release date. 

I cammed way out and took a pic of the sim/track but can't do it justice at the distance as it really is beautifully landscaped in there with colorful fall trees, interesting tunnels etc., but at least you can get a feel for how the layers wind round. Anyway, hope to see everyone Friday. It's sound be a great show.

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