Thursday, June 28, 2012

Split Screen Installation Space -Hurry and Visit -Exhibit Closes This Weekend

Visit here: Hurry and visit as this month's installation ends June 30th.  Trill Zapatero's "The Apocolypse Will Not Be Televised" is probably one of my top 10 all time Split Screen favorites, as it is a mix of explore, beauty, graffitti grung, puzzle, and is interactive.  Don't miss it.  Visit this urban ruin and travel through tunnels, many doors, lots of ladders take a ferry ride, zip up a plole to a cool room in the top of the tower, pick up freebies along the way and click everything.  My next pic provides a hint if you find youself feeling trapped and unable to find your way out. 
The other part of the exhibit is by the ever popular Betty Tureaud and it's called "Liquid Crystals" which is really what it looks like.  The landing is a beautiful mix of bright colors leading the visitor to an enclosed area where the avatar floats and flys in swirls of more color in the Tureaud traditioin.  Her notecard reads, "Liquid crystals can be classified into thermotropic and lyotropic. Thermotropic liquid crystal display phase transitions as a function of temperature, whereas the lyotropic liquid crystals exhibit phase transitions as a function of the concentration of the mesogenic."  Another section lets visitors see media of a dancing person across more colored objects,  some of them moving around the room. The music in the exhibit is especially composed for the installation by Ultraviolet Alter, a French composer and artist. A beautiful and fun exhibit to see.  Don't miss either of these at Split Screen Installation Space.  Exhibit ends with the end of June.

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