Friday, June 29, 2012

Pixel Panic Gallery in Crimarizon Exhibit by Alles Klaar & Mpenziwe Jansma Closes This Weekend

                        Visit here:

My SL Flickr friends Alles Klaar and Mpenziwe Jansma have an impressive exhibit at the Pixel Panic gallery in Crimarizon.  The sim is an AMAZING setting for this gallery and this show of unique SL pictures by these two talented artists.  Check it out before this exhibit closes this weekend and while there be sure to explore this interesting and magical sim that is any adventurer's or fairy's dream explore.

(top to bottom pics)  Explore the sim, Pixel Panic Gallery, Art by Alles Klaar) 

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  1. So where is Crimarizon??? Can no longer go to the island. What happened to that extremely beautiful place?