Friday, June 22, 2012

SL9B Community

Visit here:
Just what I needed tonight... a whole lot of SL loving and sense of community.  Check it out.  SL9B, Second Life's annual birthday party.

My good friend Divi invited me to see some special artists exhibits and after he left I just felt like I needed to blog something postive.  I guess these pics are so tiny now as my blogger has some new format I havent figured out yet.  Leave for a month and everything changes.  Anyway.. the theme is Community and there is a whole lot of feel good friendly messages as well as fun stuff to see and play on and freebies.  The above note reads; "For a community to be whole and healthy it must be based on people's love and concern for each other". 

Then I saw another cool exhibit with the above note. Yup.. that's about right.  Anyway.. I didnt take a bunch of pics of the amazing things there like usual because everyone should spend time there themselves having fun and seeing it and somehow the messages just seemed to mean something more to me after my month long break from SL and some feelings I've been trying to work through.  Enjoy the visit, I did.

SL9B exhibits close June 27th.  Check out their official web site here:

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