Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LEA27, Symbiont Host by Sea Mizen

Visit here:
This is a very cool interactive exhibit rich in color, details, and meaning.  I won't give away the fun, but be sure to pick up a note card with explanations to each section and click things to get fun freebies.  This exhibit just opened this weekend and made for a great explore.  I also ran into Sea Mizin the creator and Gina Broono, so got some good photos.  Be sure to check this one out.

Some fun sections to explore include the main landing which has a beautiful overall lookout view and the freebies to pick up such as skin, note cards, head cold, and other items.  Next there are the Safe Zone Tunnel, the Sertoli Cells, the Blue Virus Top, the Blue Virus Interior, ERVborn tree of life and the Gears of Evolution landing points. Have fun.

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