Saturday, July 7, 2012

Normally I Hate Surprises

My first life birthday was last week. Normally I don't like surprises. But last week Kathy Nikolaidis, Emma Portilo and Izzy Mavendorf threw me this awesome birthday party Saturday with all my favorite things and the greatest group of friends.  They included all the stuff I love like fairies and a fantasy forest, dancing and music, tons of pose props and party things and SLictionary (a fun game I love in SL).  It was actually a surprise and I even ran late for it telling them to just start the game and I'd be there soon, as I thought it was just the 3 of us girls and a few friends we had asked along to play the game.  LOL was I surprised when I dropped in to dancing and a whole set up.  Special thanks to Da5id for coming and being dj.. and Brian who took a lot of great pics on his stream too.  Kathy was an amazing party planner!  Anyway, thanks so much Kathy, Emma, Izzy, Divi, Da5id, Brian, Gus, Tris10, Kate and Sleddy. This was one surprise I LOVED!  Luv you guys! I made this little slide show with a bit of video footage from it. 
My SL/Flickr Friend Ant/Toogy also made me a Flickr card

Then also my SL/Flickr friend Bloomy Miles made this classy picture for me for my birthday too including another friend John:

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