Sunday, July 8, 2012

Faboo Swimwear & Studio Boudoir Photography

My friend and fellow avid SL shopper, Grizel Halberstadt, has a studio, does photography, makes various things and now has her bikini line at Faboo ready in time for some summer fun.  I love that she made them in a great style that fits well and that the ties (front, sides, back and neck) are all optional and everything comes in various layers! They are so cute I decided to take a few pics here and blog it
I especially like the tie dye here.  Then I put on the coral and did some beach shots with some friends.
I'm on the right and YES I put on blond hair today at the beach... got a little bleach blonde going on. 
Check out Grizel's place here Including Studio Boudoir and Faboo shop:
You can also see some better photos and purchase the bikini's on SL Marketplace here:[maturity]=General&search[page]=2&search[per_page]=12&search[store_id]=26097
You can also see her photography here:

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