Sunday, July 29, 2012

Magic McQueen

I went out to see the movie Magic Mike a few weeks ago with my RL sis and found it interesting to see the theater FULL of all ladies including 2 little old ladies at the end of our isle that had to be well into their 80s enjoying the show.  At times the theater crowd was whooping it up louder than the movie crowd ladies.  The movie is a decent fun ladies night out and has hit the news due to it being sort of a "one for the ladies" after years of most adult movies being geared to men in this way.   I'm not making a statement one way or another.  I'm just saying.  Huge thanks to Magic John McQueen and all the ladies for their help.  FYI Club Pulse is not really a club in SL, but rather a 700L club I bought off marketplace to use for fun and as a set and I filled it up with inventory things and built a couple of things after modding it a bit.   I think we all had a great time. 


  1. Haha! Fun video!

    I saw Magic Mike too a few weeks ago, with my sister and we had the same observations as you did. I saw one man in the audience with his wife and I felt sorry for him! lol

  2. It was a fun night; congratulations, Kara.