Sunday, June 17, 2018

salt, LEA7, by Eliza Wierwight

Visit Salt here:

Once again Eliza came through with an impressive immersive sim over at LEA 7 (Linden Endowment for the Arts) land grant sim. Eliza Wierwight is probably best know for her home and garden decor sim, "Patron" located here:
But I actually have known Eliza the artist even longer.  She has always been very impressive with her art works as well as her quality home and garden items and Patron homes. I've blogged Eliza's products, especially her high end Christmas decor, many times, as well as her past art. This build contrasts her beautiful commercial work. LEA7 tells her story though this very creative build that I recommend visiting. The overall topic is about being broken and surviving, as you progress through the stations of this build.  It's a very deep exhibit and might be a little disturbing to some, considering the subject matters, but so so well done.  At times you will want your media on and there are notes indicating where it's needed and where to turn it off.

After I blogged this I found a link from Eliza's Facebook for this video:
After I listened to the video Eliza spoke of using real salt in making some of the textures.  The video is a very interesting interview of Eliza by Strawberry along with their tour.

 I grabbed this quote from her note card:
 "★Artist's statement on salt - framework★ As a fuller Immersive piece the philosophy of salt manifests in this way, I invite you to consider the journey through the installation as experiencing dining from a pre-set menu of somewhat unpalatable stories & truths. Some my own, some not, though all important to me irrespective of origin. I've quite deliberately misappropriating the term 'degustation'. This imparted itself as an ideal transition, as each segment-course is a unique work of its own volition. There are however other threads that drift through the work, as I've permitted myself a further interplay of symbolic references in relation to the accoutrements of sustenance. In the context of literal salt, a basic commodity that exists in most kitchens of the world, it became a metaphor for the things that wound us, a conduit​. ​Another​ thread ​meandering​ through this work relates to the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi, embracing the unique, flawed or imperfect. Life ingratiates itself with such hardship at times. If we are the wounded, then let us embrace where possible those challenges & scars, and in surviving them or in our empathy for others that do, see ourselves as the beauty​. W​e are the fine art. Eliza Wierwight"
Official Poster by Eliza:
  salt by eliza wierwight

So, I went to visit with my friend August, took a bunch of pics in this cool sim, followed the story line around, then, rule breakers that we are, (not really) we hopped in the car behind the cordoned off restraint ropes to chat about it.

Salt_008 Salt_001 salt by Eliza Wierwight salt by Eliza Wierwight salt by Eliza Wierwight salt by Eliza Wierwight salt by Eliza Wierwight salt by Eliza Wierwight

(to see many more pics click one to get to my Flickr, but better yet, just take the SLurl at the top of this post and visit for yourself!)

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  1. Oh Kara Kara Kara, so happy you made it over to salt, and I greatly appreciate your recognition. We have known each other such a long time haven't we, you've always been so incredibly supportive of my work. Beautiful images. I've just set up a pool in Flickr must drag them all there. xxx (little tired or I'd comment more, not trusting myself this evening)